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Xenophora gigantea Schepman, 1909

Description: Shell of large size and moderate elevation for family; whorls nearly flat. Whorl surface with irregular curved growth ridges, with narrow row of foreign objects attached to all whorls, covering small proportion of surface. Base strongly concave in overall shape, formed by a wide peripheral flange and flat basal whorl. Umbilicus wide and deep. Colour fawn or white, columellar and lip callus white. Operculum corneous.

Size: Up to 63 mm high, 111 mm high (shell only, excluding attached objects).

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific; in NSW, known from only one specimen from off Tweed Heads.

Habitat: Known from 60-700 m. Rare in NSW.

Comparison: See X. peroniana.

Remarks: This species attaches objects sparsely, with most of the surface remaining uncovered. In the only NSW specimen (illustrated) most of the attached objects have been broken off.

Figs. 1,2,3: 4054-1 4055-1 4056-1 ENE of Danger Point, in 550 m (C.114462)


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