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Xenophora indica Gmelin, 1791)

Description: Shell of large size and low elevation for family; whorls slightly rounded. Whorl surface with irregular curved growth ridges, with small foreign objects attached to only first few whorls.. Base strongly concave in overall shape, formed by a wide peripheral and nearly flat basal whorl, concave towards outer margin. Umbilicus wide and deep. Colour yellowish-white to pale orange-brown, columellar and lip callus white. Operculum corneous.

Size: Up to 40 mm high, 84 mm wide.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific; in eastern Australia, as far south as Yamba, NSW.

Habitat: Known from 4-150 m. Uncommon in NSW.

Comparison: See X. peroniana.

Synonymy: Xenophora helvaceus Philippi, 1852

Figs. 1,2,3: 4057-1 4058-1 4059-1 Off Tin Can Bay, Queensland in 50 fathoms (91 m) (DLB4165)


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