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Turritropis turrita Habe, 1962

Description: Protoconch of two smooth whorls, with well-defined transition to sculptured teleoconch. Teleoconch whorls with 6 spiral cords, the one at periphery strongest. Base of last whorl with 6 further cords. Axial sculpture of low folds, creating beads or peaks at intersection with spirals; fine axial riblets overlay whole surface. Umbilicus open, bordered by anterior fasciole. Columella angled above anterior canal; inner lip of aperture reflected to partly cover umbilicus; outer lip thin. Colour fawn or white. Periostracum fawn, lamellate.

Size: Up to 9.5 mm in length (Australian Museum specimens).

Distribution: Australia and Japan. In Australia, known from 2 records only: Off S end of Fraser Island in 73 m; Off Sydney in 36 m.

Habitat: Subtidal.

Fig. 1: 4041-1 Off Sydney, in 36 m (C.166198)


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