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Marseniopsis innominatus Iredale, 1936

Description: Description of holotype: Shell lightweight, of about 2 post-protoconch whorls (spire eroded), rapidly expanding. Whorls uniformly rounded, smooth except for irregular growth lines; last whorl four-fifths of total shell height. Aperture large, columella smooth, outer lip thin and smooth. Colour translucent white.

Size: Holotype length 7 mm

Distribution: Holotype from Sydney Harbour dredgings

Remarks: Iredale described this species from a dead shell from Sydney Harbour dredgings. Such shells were sorted from the dredged sand, and may be fossils. Iredale referred the species to No. 705 in Hedley's check list (Hedley, 1918), "Marseniopsis sp, Lamellaria indica Angas" but there is no guarantee that Hedley and Iredale were referring to the same species.

Allan (1958, p. 138) said that "shells frequently washed up on Sydney beaches" are this species, but I do not believe the identification.  

Figs. 1, 2: 6812-1 6813-1 HOLOTYPE Sydney Harbour dredgings (C.60685)




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