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Coriocella nigra Blainville, 1824

Description: Shell lightweight, of 2 post-protoconch whorls, rapidly expanding. Whorls uniformly rounded, smooth except for irregular growth lines; last whorl four fifths of total shell height. Aperture large, columella smooth, outer lip thin and smooth. Colour translucent white.
Size: Illustrated shell 20 mm in height. Live animal body length typically 80 mm.
Distribution: Indo-West Pacific, including northern Australia. In NSW, known from illustrated shell from South Solitary Island.
Habitat: Intertidal and subtidal.
Figs, 1, 2, 3:  South Solitary Island, off Coffs Harbor, NSW. (C.405816)
Fig. 4:  Live animal. Heron Island, Queensland, reef flat, under coral rock. (C.128674) (Photo G. Avern  & T. Lublin)


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