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Clanculus maugeri (Wood, 1828)

Description: Shell solid; whorls slightly convex, sculptured with about 6-8 beaded spiral ribs. Base flat, with about 15 spiral ribs, finer and more closely beaded than above the periphery; basal margin angled. Umbilicus open with surrounding base calloused and plicate. Inner margin of outer lip, columella and upper end of aperture all heavily plicate. Colour brown or reddish-brown, base with white beading.

Size: Up to 23 mm high.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Yamba, NSW, to Westernport, Vic. May (1923) includes King Island, Bass Strait, in the range, but this needs confirmation.

Habitat: Shallow subtidal; most specimens are empty beach shells. Very uncommon.

Comparison: This species is similar to Clanculus undatus in colouration and sculpture, but is readily separated by its greater height, angled periphery, lack of black spots, and plicate callus around the umbilicus.

Figs. 1,2: Woody Head, Iluka, NSW (C.100108)