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Clanculus floridus (Philippi, 1850)

Description: Whorls rounded, with beaded spiral ribs, separated by microscopic oblique lamellae. Base rounded, beaded more finely than sides. Basal margin rounded. In mature shells, outer lip thickened internally and ridged, with a tooth at the upper end. Columella with a large tooth almost centrally. Umbilicus widely open, margin coarsely toothed. Coloration light brown or reddish-brown with darker brown axial streaks; apex rose pink.

Size: Up to 12 mm high, 13 mm wide.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Port Macquarie, NSW, to Gabo Is, Vic.

Habitat: Under rocks intertidally on the open coast. Common.

Comparison: See C. clangulus.

Remarks: This small shell is conspicuous under rocks in intertidal pools and is very common in shell grit.

Figs. 1,2,3: Port Jackson, Sydney, NSW (C.328192)