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Scaphander illecebrosus Iredale, 1925

Description: Shell ovate, fairly solid, involute, slightly wider anteriorly. Apex with shallow depression. Last whorl strongly convex, surface entirely covered by smooth spiral cords separated by grooves which are crossed with dense axial lamellae. Aperture wide, outer lip thin and sharp. Columella smooth, strongly curved. Parietal wall with thick white callus. Shell opaque fawn.

Size: Up to 17 mm in length.

Distribution: The Australian Museum holds 14 specimens, from off Newcastle, NSW, southwards to off Flinders Island, Bass Strait.

Habitat: Empty shells are from 300-1075 m.

Figs. 1, 2: Off Sydney, NSW, in 384 m. (C.449126).

Fig. 3: HOLOTYPE 20 miles (32 km) east of Babel Island, Bass Strait, in 65 fathoms. (118.872 m).


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