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Noalda exigua (Hedley, 1912)

Description: Shell minute, involute, inflated, spire low. Apex shallowly umbilicate. Aperture very wide, outer lip broadly semicircular, thin. Upper quarter of inner lip covered with nearly opaque white callous. Columella regularly curved, narrowly reflected outwards. Shell translucent white, smooth apart from growth lines, with 1 or 2 conspicuous brown spiral bands.

Size: Holotype 1.9 mm in length.

Distribution: Burn (2015, p. 50) gave the range as central NSW southwards to Tas. and SA, but the Australian museum holds only one specimen, the holotype.

Habitat: Burn (2015) gave the habitat as intertidal to 37 m deep, intertidally found among the wire weed Amphibolis antarctica.

Remarks: There are excellent live animal images on the Sea Slug Forum at http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/philtrap . It is highly probable that the genus Noalda will be removed from the Aglajidae to become a new family when its morphology and genetics are known (R.C. Willan pers. comm.).

Fig. 1: Middle Head, Sydney Harbour, NSW (C.11591 HOLOTYPE). (Photo Australian Museum).


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