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Prionovolva manifesta (Iredale, 1936)

Description: Shell smooth and glossy; dorsal surface with weak spiral striae at both ends. Outer lip nearly semicircular, folded in, thickened externally. Outer lip with about 30 denticles along entire length, restricted to inner edge. Inner lip of aperture smooth. Anterior and posterior canals edged by strong folds on inner edge. Colour glassy white, with three rows of brown blotches and the ends marked with brown.

Size: Holotype length 9 mm.

Distribution: Known only from two specimens. Holotype locality `a living shell bought in from 55-60 fathoms, 10 miles east of Sydney' (Iredale, 1936). Paratype locality `off Port Stephens in 30-40 fathoms' (Cate, 1973, p.6).

Habitat: Unknown. Rare.


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