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Ammonicera aura (Laseron, 1954)

Description: Shell minute, almost planar, spire sunken. Teleoconch of about 2 whorls; dorsal surface of first whorl with large nodules which developing into radial ridges from second whorl. Periphery wide, moderately rounded, with smooth, narrow spiral cords at top and bottom. Ventral surface of shell of similar shape and sculpture to dorsal surface. Aperture nearly circular. Shell translucent golden-brown, margin of aperture white .

Size: Up to 0.9 mm in diameter.

Distribution: The holotype is from Manly Beach, Sydney. Other available specimens are from Fingal Bay, Port Stephens, NSW; Fishermans Bay, Long Reef, Sydney; Little Coogee Bay, Sydney; Shelley Beach, Bermagui, NSW.

Habitat: Available specimens are from beach washup and from under stones in the intertidal zone.

Remarks: My description is based on the holotype and 5 other specimens, and differs somewhat from Laseron's original description. I have not been able to observe the protoconch in detail, which Laseron described as "naticoid, slightly tilted, partially immersed, smooth". He described the shell as "mature whorls 3", but my figured specimen is about 2 teleoconch whorls (using my method of whorl measurement). The holotype also has 2 teleoconch whorls.

Figs. 13: Shelley Beach, Bermagui, NSW (C.279998)

Fig. 4: Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW (C.102504 HOLOTYPE)


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