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Omalogyra liliputia (Laseron, 1954)

Description: Shell minute, almost planar, spire sunken. Protoconch plus teleoconch up to 2  whorls. Whorls circular in cross section, smooth or with growth lines encircling whorls; suture deep. Ventral surface of shell of similar shape and sculpture to dorsal surface. Aperture circular, lip expanded in mature shells. Shell translucent dark brown, margin of aperture sometimes white in mature shells.

Size: Figured syntype 0.6 mm diameter.

Distribution: Laseron (1954) gave the distribution as Port Stephens, NSW southwards to Crookhaven, NSW. The Australian Museum collection holds specimens from Port Stephens, NSW, southwards to Ulladulla, NSW, and lots from Port Lincoln, SA, and Triggs, near Perth, WA.

Habitat: Laseron (1954) said "Abundant in various locations in rock pools and in shallow water, mainly living on algae. The type was abundant on the green weed Ulva, at Castle Rock, Middle Harbour, Port Jackson. We also have it from Long Reef, both on seaweed and beneath stones, also on the surface of a sponge from 10 feet, North Harbour, and in mussel beds within the harbour, and from Port Stephens in the north to Crookhaven in the south". Common.

Comparison: See Ammonicera sucina.

Remarks: Ponder & de Keyzer (1998) gave an SEM photo of one view of the shell of this species, and a drawing of the live animal.

Fig. 13: Castle Rock, Middle Harbour, NSW (SYNTYPE C.102494)


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