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Natica cernica Jousseaume, 1874

Description: Shell medium in weight, smooth and shining with weak oblique axial grooves below the suture. Umbilicus completely closed by columellar callus, leaving a semicircular groove. Colouration constant; shell white, with three spiral brown bands and wavy axial streaks. Columellar and callus white. Operculum calcareous, white, with two marginal ribs.

Size: Up to 22 mm in length.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific; in eastern Australia, as far south as Sydney, NSW. Uncommon in NSW.

Comparison: N. cernica and N. gualtieriana are very similar in shell form and sculpture so are most easily distinguished by shell weight and colouration. N. cernica is of lighter weight than N. gualtieriana and has a consistent colour pattern. The pattern on N. gualtieriana is very variable.

Remarks: The distribution and synonymy of this species is discussed by Loch (1990). The name Natica lemniscata Philippi, 1851 has been used for this species in southern Australia.

Figs. 1,2: Yamba, NSW (C.358856)


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