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Glossaulax didyma (Roding 1798)

Description: Whorls rounded, with a broad groove below the suture; sculptured with fine spiral striae and oblique axial growth lines. Columella callus reflected to cover part of the umbilicus; deep transverse groove bisecting the callus. Colour fawn, grey or light violet, callus dark brown. Operculum corneous.

Size: Up to 60 mm in length.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific; in Australia, from north-western Australia to central Victoria and northern Tasmania.

Habitat: Sand flats; not common live intertidally, but common as a beach shell.

Synonyms: Polinices aulacoglossa (Pilsbry and Vanatta, 1908); Polinices ephebus Hedley, 1915, which is known only from the type lot, is probably an unusually elongate form of this species.

Figs. 1,2: Broulee Beach, NSW (C.075536)


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