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Natica gualtieriana Recluz, 1844

Description: Shell solid, sculptured by strong oblique axial grooves immediately below the suture. Umbilicus completely closed by columellar callus, leaving only a semicircular groove. Colouration variable and indistinct; sometimes uniformly fawn or grey with a white band below the suture and at base of body whorl. In other specimens, up to five diffuse grey or brown spiral bands are present. Columella and callus white. Operculum calcareous, white.

Size: Up to 25 mm in length.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific; in eastern Australia, as far south as Tuross Heads, NSW.

Habitat: On sand flats in bays and inlets. Uncommon in NSW.

Synonym: Notocochlis vafer (Finlay, 1930)

Figs. 1,2: Burrill Lake, NSW (C.358893)


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