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Akibumia orientalis (Schepman, 1909)

Description: Shell light weight, inflated. Body whorl with strong spiral ribs at shoulder, midbody and base, themselves bearing five spiral cords. Interspaces between major ribs with 7-10 fine spiral threads crossed by fine axial growth lines. Body whorl flat above shoulder, with tall protoconch of about three whorls. Outer lip simple. Columellar callus reflected, leaving a slit between its outer edge and columella. Anterior canal short, wide. Colour white. (The illustration shows the specimen gold plated for electron microscope photography).

Size: The Australian specimen is 17 mm high.

Distribution: Known only from four specimens; Banda Sea, Indonesia, 1158 m; Kagoshima Gulf, Japan, 805 m; off Sydney, 1106-1143 m; Three Kings Rise, New Zealand, 1563-1570 m.

Habitat: Known from 805-1570 m; rare.

Figs. 1,2: Off Sydney, 1106-1143 m (C.150223)


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