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Akibumia schepmani Habe, 1962

Description: Shell light weight, inflated. Protoconch of four rounded whorls, bearing widely spaced, fine axial threads. Body whorl with a strong spiral rib mid-body, and numerous spiral threads, varying in strength, over the entire surface; fine irregular axial growth lines. Outer lip simple. Columellar callus reflected onto columella, leaving a minute slit. Anterior canal broad, hardly defined. Colour dirty white.

Size: Single Australian Museum specimen 14 mm high.

Distribution: Known from only two specimens: holotype from Banda Sea, Indonesia, 1158 m; off Gold Coast, Queensland, 550 m.

Habitat: Known from 550-1158 m. Rare

Figs. 1,2: East of Gold Coast in 550 m (C.150192)


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