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Thalassocyon bonus Barnard, 1960

Description: Whorls strongly shouldered; shoulder keel drawn out into a flange or triangular plates. Growth lines prominent, sometimes extending into axial lamellae. Whole shell sculptured with fine raised spiral cords, about 20 above the keel of the body whorl and about 80 below. Outer lip simple, columella calloused. External coloration fawn, interior polished reddish brown.

Size: Adult shells 38 to 77 mm in length.

Distribution: Known from abyssal depths off South Africa, Amsterdam Is. (in the southern Indian Ocean), eastern Australia and northern New Zealand. In Australia, from Queensland southwards to eastern Tasmania, in 1000-2000 m.

Synonym: Waren & Bouchet (1990) showed that a single species occurs from South Africa eastwards to New Zealand. Therefore, the name for the New Zealand population, Thalassocyon tui, Dell, 1967, is a synonym.

Remarks:  The anatomy of this species is described by Warén & Bouchet (1990).

Figs. 1,2: Off Ulladulla, NSW, in 560-590 m (C.163614)


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