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Sticteulima portensis (Laseron, 1955)

Description: Shell very small, relatively short, and slender, protoconch minute with axis inclined, teleoconch rapidly expanding over first few whorls. Whorls smooth, weakly convex, suture poorly defined. Scars from position of outer lip weak, 1 or 2 per whorl, sometimes aligned from whorl to whorl. Aperture moderately wide, one-third of shell length; outer lip sinuous in profile with shallow sinus at top. Shell colourless-transparent, becoming opaque white with age, with brown dots in patches on latter whorls and on outer lip; columella with a brown blotch centrally.

Size: Up to 2 mm in length.

Distribution: Know from Sydney and Port Sinclair, South Australia.

Habitat: Known from beach washup and shallow dredgings. Few in AMS collection, but Laseron (1955) noted it as fairly abundant in Port Jackson dredgings. Host unknown.

Fig. 1: Port Sinclair, South Australia (C.495882)


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