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Peasistilifer solitaria (Laseron, 1955)

Description of holotype: Shell ovate, solid, spire not bent. Protoconch tall, of 2 whorls, inclined to axis of teleoconch, with distinct junction. Teleoconch whorls smooth, shouldered at upper third, suture well defined. Scars from earlier positions of outer lip not apparent. Aperture tear-drop shaped, outer lip sinuous in profile. Shell pale yellow, slightly translucent.

Size: Holotype 5.5 mm in length.

Distribution: Holotype from Long Reef, Collaroy, NSW. Reported from Harmers Haven, Vic. (Hales, 2007) and Point Leo, Vic. (Stephens, 2006).

Habitat: The holotype was reported as "crawling on a holothurian". The Harmer's Haven specimen was collected intertidally on the holothurian Staurothyone inconspicua (Bell, 1887). The Point Leo specimen was collected as an empty shell from shell grit.

Comparison: Laseron (1955) noted that this species is close to Apicalia brazieri, but is shorter and broader, the aperture is a different shape and the apex is much "more acuminate". The tall, narrow protoconch is adequate by itself for differentiation.

Figs. 1, 2: Long Reef, Collaroy, NSW (C.103023 HOLOTYPE)


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