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Sticteulima incidenta (Laseron, 1955)

Description: Shell very small, long and slender, spire straight or slightly bent. Whorls smooth, weakly convex, suture poorly defined. Scars from position of outer lip weak, 2 per whorl, aligned from whorl to whorl. Aperture moderately long and narrow, one-quarter of shell length; outer lip sinuous in profile, with shallow sinus at top. Shell colourless transparent, becoming opaque white with age, with brown dashes in patches on latter whorls.

Size: Up to 3 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Sydney, NSW, southwards and around southern Australia to south-western WA.

Habitat: Known from beach washup and dredgings down to 10 m. Host unknown. Moderately common.

Remarks: The illustrated specimen has the outer lip broken. The shell contains debris, but the brown dashed pattern can be seen on the last three whorls.

Fig. 1: Honeymoon Bay, Jervis Bay, NSW (C.363331) (Outer lip broken)


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