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Hirtomurex nakamurai Kosuge, 1985

Description: Shell with rounded whorls, somewhat angulate on the early whorls, sculptured with broad, low axial ribs, prominent on the spire whorls but almost obsolete on the body whorl; about 10 per whorl. Spiral sculpture of densely scaled ribs, alternating large and small, about six on the spire whorls and 32 on the body whorl. Outer lip crenulated by the external sculpture; columella smooth, umbilicus closed. Colour dirty white externally, cream internally.

Size: Length up to 36 mm.

Distribution: Japan and Australia. The Australian Museum holds only one Australian specimens.

Habitat: Deep water. Rare.

Fig. 1,2: 15 miles E of Seal Rocks, NSW, in 430-455 m (C.150063)

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