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Emozamia licinus (Hedley and Petterd, 1906)

Description: Shell short and broad with a widely open aperture. Axial sculpture of thin, fluted varices, 7-10 on the body whorl, often unequally spaced, which meet the suture at an acute angle. Spiral sculpture of about 12 ribs of varying size, the largest being on the periphery; neither the ribs nor intervening grooves are scaled. Outer lip expanded, smooth within; columella smooth, callus standing free. False umbilicus narrow. Anterior canal short. Colour uniform fawn, interior white or pink.

Size: Length up to 27 mm.

Distribution: Japan, Philippines, Australia. In Australia, known from Forster, NSW to SA, including Tasmania.

Habitat: Taken in 70-400 m. Uncommon.

Comparison: See Mipus nodosus.

Fig. 1,2: Off Eden, NSW, in 40 fm (73 m) (C.072167)

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