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Mipus arbutum (Woollacott, 1954)

Description: Shell small, with strongly angled whorls. Whole surface sculptured with densely scabrous spiral ribs, the one at the periphery being slightly larger than the remainder; spire whorls show 5-7 ribs above the periphery and 1-2 below; body whorl with 10-12 ribs below the periphery. Periphery bears prominent nodules; about 6-8 on the body whorl. Columella smooth, outer lip crenulated by the external sculpture. Umbilicus closed, anterior fasciole unusually high and prominent. Colour fawn to reddish brown.

Size: Length up to 20 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Iluka to Bulli, NSW.

Habitat: In crevices and on rock surfaces under algae, in the intertidal zone. Uncommon.

Comparison: See Mipus nodosus.

Fig. 1,2: Angourie Point, NSW (C.337922)


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