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Naricava kimberi (Verco, 1907)

Description: Spire low, spire whorls rounded, last whorl sharply angled at base. Protoconch of 1 smooth whorl, apex submerged. Teleoconch sculptured with irregular axial growth lines; spiral sculpture absent. Base sharply angled at periphery, edged with flange in larger shells. Umbilicus widely open, with rounded entry from base. Aperture wide; outer lip semicircular, smooth; inner lip of aperture smooth. Colour white, translucent.

Size: Up to 5.5 mm wide, 4 mm high.

Distribution: Records from Broken Bay, NSW, around southern Australia to south-western WA.

Habitat: Known mainly from beach shells, but a few down to about 40 m.

Comparison: Compared with N. vincentiana, this species is flatter and is sharply angled at the base. It has a peripheral keel on the base like N. angasi, but lacks the lamellae of that species.

Synonymy: Tropidorbis mendicus Iredale, 1936 is a synonym, based on a specimen dredged from Sydney Harbour (NEW SYNONYM). The shell is well within the range of variation of the species.

Remarks: This species has a low smooth protoconch, different to the other species of Naricava, so may be better placed in another genus.

Fig. 1: 4012-1 HOLOTYPE of Tropidorbis mendicus. Sydney Harbour (C.060639)

Fig. 2: 4010-1 Same specimen as Fig. 1

Fig. 3: 4011-1 Same specimen as Fig. 1


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