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Naricava angulata (Hedley, 1905)

Description: Protoconch of 1 smooth whorl, projecting above the flat spire. Early whorls strongly angled at top and bottom, with top, sides and base flat. First teleoconch whorl with strong, widely spaced axial lamellae, which fade away on second whorl to growth lines on flat surfaces but persist on the whorl angles. Spiral sculpture absent. Aperture wide; outer lip semicircular, smooth; inner lip of aperture smooth. Umbilicus widely open, edged with lamellate cord, axial plicae within; base flat, sharply angled into umbilicus. Colour white.

Size: Up to 3 mm high, 4 mm wide.

Distribution: Known from Cape Byron, NSW, southwards to southern Tasmania.

Habitat: From 88-203 m. Only 5 lots known.

Comparison: See N. angasi.

Remarks: The small number of specimens known may be due to lack of sampling of this minute, deepwater species rather than it actually being rare. It is very distinctive with sharply angled whorls, but on the largest specimen (that figured here) the last whorl become rounded.

Fig. 1: 3985-1 Off Newcastle, NSW, in 146-175 m (C.211376)

Fig. 2: 3986-1 Same specimen as Fig. 1

Fig. 3: 3987-1 Same specimen as Fig. 1




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