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Pectinodonta kapalae Marshall, 1985

Description: Shell solid, apex at anterior third; anterior slope straight or convex; posterior slope strongly convex, base arched. Exterior sculptured with 10-20 strong concentric growth ridges, crossed by weak radial threads. Margin smooth, thickened internally. Exterior dull, white; interior porcellanous white.

Size: Up to 10.6 mm in length.

Distribution: Known only from two localities; 714 m off Broken Bay, NSW, and 941-978 m off Ulladulla, NSW.

Habitat: This species, and other members of the genus, are known only from pieces of water-logged wood from great depths. A large log trawled in New Zealand in 1981 carried 1232 specimens of a related species P. aupouria Marshall, 1985. The animals had excavated deep depressions in the wood, which they ingest, acquiring nutrition from microbes in the wood, or from the wood itself.

Fig. 1  Off Ulladulla, NSW, in 941-978 m (C.013958).


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