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Propilidium tasmanicum (Pilsbry, 1895)

Description: Shell lightweight, semi-translucent, apex at anterior fifth, coiled; anterior slope concave, posterior slope convex. Exterior sculptured with fine concentric growth ridges, strong in some shells, almost absent in others. Margin smooth. Colour white.

Size: Up to 5 mm in length, usually less then 3 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Broken Bay, NSW, to eastern Tasmania and SA.

Habitat: Known only from dead shells from beach drift and down to 570 m. Moderately common.

Synonymy: Nacella tasmanica Tate & May, 1900; Cocculina meridionalis Hedley, 1903; Acmaea eccentrica Test, 1945

Fig. 1  Off Cape Pillar, Tasmania, in 183 m.  There is a tube worm and encrusting bryozoans on the figured shell (C.029014)


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