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Siphonochelus pavlova (Iredale, 1936)

Description: Shell with four varices per whorl, these strong, broad and smooth with a long siphonal tube at the shoulder; varices aligned from whorl to whorl, joined to varix above by a buttress. Aperture almost circular, entire, standing free of columella. Anterior canal long, completely closed. Colour white to light brown.

Size: Up to 22 mm in length, but usually much smaller.

Distribution: Australia and New Caledonia; in Australia, from central Qld to Sydney, NSW, and from north-western WA.

Habitat: Known from 59-500 metres. Uncommon.

Remarks: The maximum size of this species (22 mm) is of the holotype, which is a fine specimen with tubes intact. Most specimens are smaller and usually have the tubes broken off.

Fig. 1: Off Cape Moreton, Queensland, in 120 m (C.163434)

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