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Prototyphis angasi (Crosse, 1863)

Description: Shell small with three winged varices per whorl. Wings broad and finely ribbed, terminating at shoulder in long, hollow, backwards pointing spines. Fine spiral ribbing between varices, and one or two nodules on shoulder. Columella and outer lip of aperture smooth, anterior canal long and almost closed. Colour variable, from uniformly white through pink and orange to dark brown, or less frequently white with wide brown spiral bands.

Size: Average length 15 mm, maximum 25 mm.

Distribution: Restricted to Australia and northern New Zealand. In Australia, from Caloundra, Queensland, southwards and around southern Australia to Fremantle, WA, including Tasmania.

Habitat: Beneath rocks or ledges on rocky shores, from low tide down to several hundred metres. Moderately uncommon.

Fig. 1: Towoon Bay, NSW (DLB1144)

Change History: Image replaced 30 Dec 2011. Previous image was not this species.

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