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Tomopleura subtilinea (Hedley, 1918)

Description: Whorls straight sided. Spire whorls sculptures with 6 to 12 smooth, elevated spiral ribs of varying strength, usually with a few much stronger than the others. Body whorl with about 25 spiral ribs. Interspaces between ribs with close packed axial lamellae, conforming in direction to the outer lip. Columella smooth; outer lip thin with U shaped sinus. Colour uniformly white.

Size: Up to 23 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Cooktown, Queensland, to Sydney, NSW.

Habitat: Taken in 7-50 m. Moderately rare.

Comparison: See Pulsarella cognata.

Fig. 1:  Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, NSW, 9m (C.unregistered)

Change history: Species name corrected from T. subtilineata to T. subtilinea 1 Jan 2012
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