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Pulsarella cognata (Smith, 1877)

Description: Spire whorls with a strong, smooth spiral rib at top of whorl, another at mid-whorl, and occasionally another at bottom of whorl; sometimes 1 or 2 spiral riblets between. Body whorl with about 10 spiral ribs. Interspaces between ribs with close packed axial threads. Columella smooth; outer lip thin, with rounded V shaped sinus with apex at thread between upper ribs. Colour uniformly white.

Size: Up to 20 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Torres Strait, Queensland, to Sydney, NSW.

Habitat: Taken down to 47 m, but known mainly from beach specimens. Uncommon.

Comparison: Distinguished from Tomopleura subtilineata by having fewer and stronger spiral ribs.

Fig. 1:  Wooli, NSW. Beach; protoconch and outer lip are broken (C.169550).

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