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Splendrillia woodsi (Beddome, 1883)

Description: Whorls concave above periphery, convex below; sculptured with a spiral row of round or axially elongate nodules on the periphery. Surface shiny, polished, with faint axial growth lines, and occasionally with very faint spiral threads above periphery. Inner lip of aperture with large callous pad at the top; outer lip with U shaped sinus with apex between periphery and suture, sometimes made almost tubular by the callous pad. Colour fawn, nodules white, interrupted white band at centre of body whorl.

Size: Up to 18 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Wide Bay, Queensland, to Great Australian Bight, including Tasmania.

Habitat: Taken in 10-1463 m, most commonly in 50-150 m. Common.

Synonymy: Drillia howitti Pritchard & Gatliff, 1899; Antimelatoma agasma Cotton, 1947; Splendrillia molleri Laseron, 1954

Fig. 1:  Off Cronulla, Sydney, NSW in 70-90 m (C.372350)

Fig. 2:  HOLOTYPE of Splendrillia molleri. Off Crowdy Head, NSW, 91 m (C.103386)

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