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Turbo (Carswellena) exquisitus Angas, 1877

Description: Shell lightweight; early whorls angled, body whorl weakly angled. Body whorl sculptured with about 20 spiral ribs, varying from weakly to strongly scaled; 4-5 between suture and shoulder, 4-5 on periphery, about 10 on base; shoulder rib strongest, other peripheral ribs stronger than those above and below. Umbilicus closed or partly open, edged with double-ribbed funicle. Outer lip thin, simple; aperture circular, columella smooth. Colour fawn, pale green or light pink, with diffuse axial bands of brown, reddish brown or white. Operculum calcareous, white, microscopically granulated; external surface with deep spiral hole surrounded by thick raised rib of three revolutions, surrounded itself by a flat flange.

Size: Up to 24 mm in height.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Sydney to Batemans Bay, NSW, with one additional record from off Cape Moreton, Queensland.

Habitat: Known mainly from beach specimens; also one live-collected specimen from 5.5 m and several lots of empty shells dredged from 30-110 m. Very uncommon.

Fig. 1:  Off Sow and Pigs Reef, Sydney Harbour (C.012089)

Fig. 2:  Operculum of same specimen


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