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Seilarex turritelliformis (Angas, 1877)

Description: Shell medium sized, dextral, very slender. Protoconch of 2 -3 whorls; first 1 whorls with about 6 crisp zigzag spiral threads; subsequent whorls with axial riblets on upper half of whorl above a strong spiral cord. Teleoconch whorls strongly convex, with smooth spiral cords in 2 series; primary spirals, 5 per whorl, commencing immediately after protoconch; secondary spirals weaker, 1 between each primary spiral. Base without spiral cords. Outer lip thin and simple. Anterior canal a simple, wide notch. Colour of protoconch and first few whorls reddish brown; subsequent whorls yellowish brown.

Size: Up to 14 mm in length.

Distribution: Known from eastern Australia, from central Qld to central Vic and north-west Tas.

Habitat: Known alive from algal washings intertidally and down to 10 m. Empty shells are common in beach washup and down to 50 m.

Synonymy: Previously recognised synonyms are Cerithiopsis multilirata G.B. Sowerby III, 1894; Seila attenuata Hedley, 1900.

Remarks: A similar species, Seilarex verconis Cotton, 1951, seems to occur in NT, Qld, WA and SA and can easily be confused with the current species.

Figs. 1, 2:  Middle Harbor, Sydney (C.032479)


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