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Euthymella elegans (Hinds, 1843)

Description: Shell moderately large, sinistral, thick and heavy. Protoconch plankotrophic, of 3-4 whorls, covered with fine, crisp, axial riblets and intermittent spiral threads. Teleoconch whorls with 4 spiral cords and low, rounded axial costae; spirals 1 and 3 commence immediately after protoconch, spiral 2 commences on 4th or 5th teleoconch whorl. Spirals 1 and 2 undulating unbeaded cords, spiral 3 a strongly beaded cord. Spiral 4 exposed on all whorls. Another spiral on base, (numbered 5), nodular (not apparent in juvenile specimen in Fig. 2). Axial costae low, rounded, 15-16 on penultimate whorl. Outer lip of aperture flared (not apparent in immature specimen in Figs. 1 and 2), anterior siphonal canal rather long and upturned, posterior canal a notch. Colour white, irregularly maculated with reddish brown, nodules white.

Size: Adult shells 7.0 - 9.0 mm in length.

Distribution: Tropical Indo-West Pacific. In eastern Australia, as far south as Solitary Islands, off Coffs Harbour.

Habitat: Cernohorksy (1978, p. 172) gives the habitat as intertidal. The only NSW specimen is from South Solitary Island. This juvenile specimen is illustrated here.

Comparison: This species is readily identifiable by colouration - white, irregularly maculated with reddish brown - and by the sculpture - spirals 1 and 2 without beads and spiral 3 with strong beads.

Synonymy: Euthymella pannata Laseron, 1958 is a previously recognised synonym

Figs. 1, 2: Solitary Islands, off Coffs Harbour, NSW (C.110878)


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