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Eutriphora tricolor (Laseron, 1954)

Description: Shell variable in size, sinistral. Protoconch lecithotrophic, of 2-3 whorls; with axial riblets and a spiral thread. Teleoconch whorls with 4 spiral cords and axial costae; spirals with either separated beads, or beads connected to form a cord. Spirals 1, 3 and 4 commencing immediately, spiral 2 a little later; spirals 1 and 3 of similar size, spiral 2 weaker but strengthening. Spiral 4 beaded, exposed on all whorls. Another 2 spirals on base (numbered 5 and 6,  not visible in Fig. 2). Axial costae numerous, numbering 22-26 on penultimate whorl. Outer lip of aperture flared, anterior siphonal canal short and upturned, posterior canal a simple  notch. Colour of protoconch yellowish brown, first 3 teleoconch whorls white, remaining whorls brown, spiral 1 sometimes white.

Size: Adult shells 4.8 - 7.5 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Crookhaven Heads, NSW, southwards and around southern Australia, to south-western WA, including Tasmania.

Habitat: Known from beach washup, and subtidally down to 110 m.

Comparison: This species is characterised by its distinctive colouration; the protoconch is yellowish brown, the first three teleoconch whorls are white, and the remainder brown with white markings.

Figs. 1, 2: Deal Island, Bass Strait (C.113463)


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