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Coenaculum minutulum (Tate & May, 1900)

Description: Shell minute, elongate with blunt apex, spire straight-sided, last whorl much expanded. Protoconch with 3 strong spiral cords, terminating with distinct varix. Teleoconch whorls angled near top of whorls, sculptured with strong axial folds, about 15 on penultimate whorl; spiral cord partly exposed at bottom of spire whorls, continuing as strong cord on last whorl. Aperture broadly oval, outer lip with broad, shallow sinus at top and varix along its length. Shell opaque fawn.

Size: Up to 2.8 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Noosa Heads, Qld, southwards and around southern Australia to south-western WA.

Habitat: Empty shells are from beach washup and dredgings down to 76 m. Moderately common.

Fig. 1: Twofold Bay, NSW (C.398892).


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