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Leucotina casta (A. Adams, 1853)

Description: Shell elongate (Fig. 1) or ovate (Fig. 2a), spire slightly convex in outline. Protoconch smooth, nucleus infolded, about 1 whorl. Teleoconch whorls rounded, sculptured with about 10 flat-topped spiral cords, separated by grooves of about a quarter of cord width with dense axial lamellae; spirals extending to base on last whorl.. Aperture with length twice the width, expanded anteriorly, single low plait on columella, sometimes concealed within aperture. Colour white.

Size: In NSW, up to 16 mm in length.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific. In Australia, occurs around the whole coastline (Beu, 2004).

Habitat: Probably an external parasite on large subtidal bivalves (Hori & Tsuchida, 1995, p. 279). Moderately common in beach washup.

Synonymy: This species has a very extensive list of synonyms (see Beu, 2004). In NSW it has commonly been known as Leucotina concinna (A. Adams, 1854).

Remarks: This is very variable in size. Beu (2004)  reported that eastern Australian shells are 5-15 mm in height, but shells up to 37 mm are known. 

Fig. 1: Off Old Man's Hat Point, Sydney, in 7.3 m (C.335443)

Fig. 2: a. Cronulla, Sydney (C.335414) b. Cronulla, Sydney (C.335450)


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