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Pseudococculina gregaria Marshall, 1986

Description: Shell light in weight, usually eroded, apex at posterior quarter. Protoconch sculpture unknown (surface etched on all available specimens). Teleoconch with anterior slope strongly convex, posterior slope straight or concave. Exterior sculptured with irregular concentric growth ridges; no axial ribs. Shell colour white. Periostracum absent.

Size: Up to 3.35 mm in length.

Distribution: NSW and New Zealand. In NSW, known from seven lots, from east of Newcastle southwards to east of Brush Island, NSW, but the geographic range is no doubt wider.

Habitat: Lives on waterlogged wood. The known samples were dredged from 384-714 m. Rare in collections, but apparently common in the appropriate habitat, as the seven NSW lots consist of 962 specimens.

Figs. 1,2: East of Brush Island, NSW, in 384 m (C.125296)


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