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Coccopigya crinita Marshall, 1986

Description: Shell light in weight, apex in  posterior third. Protoconch sculptured with fine, crisp reticulate threads. Teleoconch with anterior slope convex, posterior slope more or less straight. Exterior sculpture of low, rounded radial ribs bearing microscopic pits. Concentric sculpture of growth lines. Shell colour white. Periostracum thin, pale buff, concentrically lamellate, with long spines on the radial ribs.

Size: Up to 7.4 mm in length.

Distribution: NSW and New Zealand. In NSW, known from six lots, from Broken Bay southwards to Sydney, but the range is no doubt wider.

Habitat: Lives on waterlogged wood. The known samples were dredged from 714-914 m. Rare in collections, but apparently common in the appropriate habitat, as 20 specimens were found on a single piece of wood.

Remarks: In this genus the radial ribs bear periostracal spines, which in this species are relatively long (Fig. 3), being visible at 6x magnification. However, the periostracum is usually partly or completely absent.

Figs. 1, 2: East of Broken Bay, NSW, in 823 m (C.124612)

Fig. 3: Off Broken Bay, NSW, in 823 m (C.125299)


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