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Phenacovolva subreflexa (A. Adams & Reeve, 1848)

Description: Shell slender and elongate. Surface smooth with extremely fine incised striae throughout, almost obsolete centrally. Aperture very narrow, wider anteriorly. Outer lip folded in and thickened, except on lower fifth; no lirations on inner or outer lip of aperture. Colour white or pink.

Size: Up to 30 mm in length.

Distribution: East Africa, Japan, Philippines and eastern Australia with a southernmost record of Gerroa, NSW.

Habitat: A specimen from Gerroa, NSW, was living on a gorgonian at 15 m depth. Rare in NSW.

Synonym: Ovulum angasi Reeve, 1865

Comparison: P. rosea has more elongate ends, and is usually pink with a central white band.

Remarks: There are additional species of Phenacovolva recorded from NSW, but the identity of most of them is unclear. Phenacovolva rosea (Adams, 1854) is known from as far south as the Solitary Islands, off Coffs Harbour. This was listed in Iredale & McMichael's NSW checklist list as Phenacovolva nectarea Iredale, 1930, which is a synonym, but the reference appears to based on old literature records of doubtful identification. The Australian Museum holds several lots of another species from NSW, tentatively identified as Phenacovolva haynesi (Sowerby, 1889), and a few specimens of further unidentified species have been seen from the Solitary Islands.

Figs. 1,2: Hervey Bay to Port Curtis, Queensland (C.unreg)


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