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Belloliva triticea (Duclos, 1835)


Description: Shell tall and slender, glossy, whorls rounded, sutures deeply channeled, aperture one-third to one-half of total shell length.  Outer lip of aperture smooth inside and out.  Posterior canal deep, forming the channeled suture.   Anterior canal short and wide.  Columella smooth, concave, with a strong plait at the bottom. Fasciolar band thickly calloused, white, with a sharp edge commencing adjacent to centre of aperture.  Protoconch and early spire whorls white; rest of shell covered with spiral bands of brown patches, variable in shape, often square or chevron shaped; two bands visible on spire whorls, three on body whorl.  Patches in upper row often joined to make continuous brown band.  Operculum horny, large, filling the entire aperture. 

Size: Up to 11 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia ; Clarence River , NSW, to Portland , Victoria .

Habitat: Occasionally taken as empty beach shells, but lives subtidally, down to 100 metres.  Uncommon.

Figs. 1,2: Sydney Harbour (C.331031)


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