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Belloliva leucozona (A.Adams & Angas, 1864)


Description: Shell tall and slender, glossy, whorls rounded, sutures deeply channeled, aperture more than half total shell length.  Outer lip of aperture smooth inside and outside.  Posterior canal deep, forming the channeled suture.  Anterior canal short and wide.  Columella smooth, concave, with  a weakly ridged plait at the bottom.  Fasciolar band thickly calloused, with a sharp edge commencing adjacent to centre of aperture.  Background colour fawn; light coloured spiral band below suture and usually another below centre of body whorl; large brown splashes below suture; rest of body whorl weakly or strongly marked with diffuse brown markings, sometimes as axial zigzag lines.  Fasciolar band plain fawn, or with irregular brown markings, usually obscuring underlying pattern.  Operculum horny, filling the entire aperture.

Size: Up to 15 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia ; central Queensland to Tasmania .

Habitat: Known from 11 146 metres, and occasionally as empty beach shells.  Uncommon.

Synonym: A synonym is Olivella brazieri Angas, 1877.  The specimen described and illustrated by Wilson (1994, p. 131) as Belloliva brazieri (Angas, 1877) is a pale specimen of  B. leucozona.  That specimen is shown on the right of the photograph here.

Figs. 1a, 2a: 2 km SE of Long Bay, NSW, in 40 m (C.330353)

Figs. 1b, 2b: 3 km E of Long Bay, NSW, in 47 m (C.166282)


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