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Muricopsis ianlochi Houart, 1987

Description: Shell with angulate whorls; body whorl sculptured with 6 or 7 low varices, each with an open, upward pointed spine at the shoulder, and another 1-3 below. Spiral sculpture of numerous scaly ribs of various sizes. Inner lip of aperture smooth, produced beyond columella. Outer lip thin, crenulated by external sculpture. Anterior canal about half length of aperture, open, curved, with a spiral row of spines about the centre.

Size: Up to 37 mm in length.

Distribution: Known only from the Taupo Seamount, 380 km east of Newcastle, NSW.

Habitat: Taken in 137-164 m. Rare.

Fig. 1,2: PARATYPE Taupo Guyot, off Newcastle, NSW in 154-164 m (C.170616)


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