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Morum bruuni (Powell, 1958)

Description: Shell moderately light in weight, whorls strongly shouldered, spire low.  Axial sculpture of strong ribs, spiked on the shoulder, about 12-16 on the body whorl, with 3-7 finer axials between; major axials sometimes nodulose. Spiral sculpture of low, broad ribs, stronger towards the base.  Outer lip with varix, thickened internally, with about 20 denticles.  Posterior canal a well defined groove. Columellar callus expanding onto body whorl,  aperture denticulate along its whole length with about 15 elongate denticles, not reaching edge.  Anterior canal upturned.  Background colour off-white, with three or four spiral fawn bands, one at shoulder, one at base and two between, with corresponding dark brown patches on the varix; outer lip and columellar callus white, interior of columella with dark red-brown central zone.

Size: Up to 38 mm in length.

Distribution: Known from only a few specimens from Kermadec Islands , Tasman and Taupo Sea Mounts (380 km east of Newcastle ) and off Botany Bay , NSW.

Habitat: Known from 75-244 metres.  Rare.

Synonym: delecta Garrard, 1961

Remarks: The anatomy of this species is described by Beu (1976).

The figured specimen is the holotype of Pulchroniscia delecta Garrard, 1961, from 75 fathoms (137 m) off Botany Bay .  It is the only specimen known from NSW.