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Austroharpa exquisita (Iredale, 1931)

Description: Shell lightweight, whorls strongly shouldered.  Sculptured with thin axial ribs, about 22-30 on the body whorl, crossed by broad low spiral ribs, about 10-12  on the body whorl.  Outer lip flared, smooth internally, thickened externally in adult shells.  Inner lip of aperture calloused in adults, with sharply defined outer edge.  Siphonal canal deep and directed upwards; posterior canal shallow.  Colour fawn or pinkish, often with three spiral bands of squarish pale brown patches, one above the shoulder and two on the body whorl.  Columella and inside of outer lip white, protoconch pink.

Size: Up to 29 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia ; Fraser Is, Queensland , to Eastern Victoria , and islands of Bass Strait .

Habitat: Known from  50-274 metres. Rare.