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Limulatys reliquus Iredale, 1936

Description: Shell involute, tall, posterior end with outer lip slightly peaked above apex, sides gently uniformly convex; apex with shallow depression, not umbilicate. Surface smooth and polished. Aperture narrow at top half, wider below; outer lip thin, with very shallow posterior canal. Columella with narrow callus reflected over long thin umbilical slit. Shell translucent with about 30 broad, opaque white spiral bands but no grooves.

Size: Holotype 6.1 mm in length (not 7 mm as given in the original description).

Distribution: Holotype dredged from Sydney Harbour. Another specimen from Shoal Bay, Port Stephens, NSW, apparently from beach washup. Also known from Vic., Norfolk Island and northern New Zealand.

Habitat: Dredged from Sydney Harbour.

Fig. 1: Sydney Harbour dredgings (HOLOTYPE C.60697). (Photo: Australian Museum).


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