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Aliculastrum pransa (Hedley, 1904)

Description: Shell solid, strongly tapering, involute, fairly solid. Shell wider anteriorly, apex deeply umbilicate. Aperture narrow over top half, wide and expanded outwards at bottom; outer lip thickened, extended to form posterior canal. Columella smooth in front of deep, wide basal umbilicus. Surface without spiral grooves, smooth and glossy, opaque, pale cream in colour.

Size: Holotype 5.0 mm in length, another mature specimen 4.5 mm.

Distribution: Holotype 16 miles (25 km) east of Wollongong, in 100 fathoms (182 m). Another lot from 22 miles (35.4 km) east of Narrabeen in 80 fathoms (146 m).

Habitat: Subtidal, 100-146 m. Known from only 2 lots (3 specimens).

Fig. 1: 16 miles (25 km) east of Wollongong, in 100 fathoms (182 m).(C.17966 HOLOTYPE). (Photo: Australian Museum).


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