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Tucetona gealei (Angas, 1873)

Description: Shell solid, heavy, equivalve. Shape trigonal, height equal to or greater than length, anterior and posterior ends smoothly rounded. Umbones centrally placed. Hinge line curved, 6-9 teeth each side, area between smooth or with several weak teeth. Ligament in a wide, triangular pit above hinge. Interior white splashed with brown; muscle scars well defined; margin coarsely crenulate. Exterior with about 30 broad radial ribs crossed by fine concentric growth striae. Periostracum not seen. Shell colour white with irregular concentric bands of brown on radial ribs.

Size: Up to 53 mm in length.

Distribution: Fraser Island, Qld, southwards to Tas.

Habitat: Known from beach wash-up and dredged in 5-130 m.

Comparison: The description for this species in almost the same as for T. flabellata, except that T. flabellata is described as ovate and T. gealei as trigonal. The difference is shown in Fig. 2; T. gealei on the left, T. flabellata on the right.

Fig. 1: Lakes Entrance, Victoria (C.303829)

Fig. 2: Lakes Entrance, Victoria (C.303829)


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